About the photographer

If you would of asked me at age 16 what I wanted to be when I grew up it was a photographer. A fashion photographer to be specific. I started taking classes in high school and really did well. One of the only subject I excelled in. I would take portraits of friends who wanted to be models. It worked well. I got my model, they got something for their portfolio.

I went on to take a few classes in college. Because I hadn’t taken classes in college I had to start in Photo 101. Back to the basics. I will never forget the first time in the dark room. I printed a portrait of a model friend I had did. My teacher looked it over. “Hmmm” he said. ” I will have very high expectations for you”. Crap. He did. I had to really push myself.

After a few years of trying to support myself and go to school, life took over. I moved from the San Francisco bay area to Lake Tahoe. My camera ended up put away. As time went on I built a career in sales. Missing my photography but living life. Same old story of most people. What you are going to do with your life at 16 is not reality.

Last year I turned 40. My husband, who had really been into photography once himself, bought me a really nice digital SLR. A few really nice lenses, filters and what not. I have been having fun. I am having to relearn everything I once knew. I am having to learn how to play with my photos on a computer, not in a darkroom. Its been a challenge. I have not taken any classes. But mostly its fun.

This is some of my “work”. One day I want to get back into portraits, which is my first love. But living  and traveling around the UK and Europe has expanded my into landscapes and beyond. My work is most certainly not award winning, but hopefully over time I can show a vast improvement.


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